Peer-to-Peer Campaign
Peer-to-Peer Campaign: Saguaro: The Hub of the Sonoran Desert

Money Raised: $2,527.87  Campaign Goal: $50,000.00


With the help of our community of supporters, Tucson Audubon Society is planting 14,000 saguaros over the next three years. These 5-year-old saguaro seedlings are being planted in precise locations selected to support the health and viability of the young cacti. Every $50 you help to raise enables us to plant and protect another saguaro seedling. Please support this campaign with a contribution to an existing fundraiser, by starting your own fundraiser, and by sharing this page with others.

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Save a Saguaro Campaign

  Raised: $472.73
  Goal: $500.00

Ethan Myerson

  Raised: $3.00
  Goal: $250.00

Nancy Bilderbeck: London, England / Tucson, AZ

  Raised: $0.00
  Goal: $250.00

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