Elf Owl Survey #1 - Rincon Mountain District Tuesday May 2, 2023

05/02/2023 06:30 PM - 10:00 PM MT


Important Bird Area Survey


Elf Owl Surveys - Hiking in the MoonlightElf Owl Hunting

Tucson Audubon is doing night time hiking surveys to monitor Elf Owls and document all night birds we encounter. Saguaro National Park is coordinating with us for these surveys and a ranger or two may even be joining us. We will be hiking along moonlit trails in teams of two or three and listening for Elf Owls and periodically playing their calls to try and goad them into calling back to us. You must have reasonably good hearing and be comfortable walking a trail at night while using a headlamp or flashlight. These two surveys are scheduled near the full moon to try and have as much light as possible but it will still be quite dark out there!  We may encounter other owl species, cool reptiles and who knows what else!

Meeting info for both surveys:

We will not be meeting in person ahead of time as we have in the past but will instead go straight to our various trailheads.  All data entry will be done online as well. We will be having a zoom meeting before survey day to go over details and protocols. A recording of this video will also be available. As soon as I set a date and time for the online meeting I will let you all know. 

Tuesday May 2, 2023 - Saguaro National Park East (also called Rincon Mountain District) - 

More info about this survey including protocol information and lots of details are at this webpage: https://aziba.org/?page_id=2625

Please review this information and Jennie will be contacting you directly very soon. We will have an online meeting the week of the surveys as well to go over info and answer questions. As soon as the date and time are set for that online meeting Jennie will let you know. A recoridng will also be available for those who cannot make the meeting.