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Nerdy For Birdies is a youth birdwatching club in Phoenix, Arizona. We lead monthly birding walks around Phoenix, Tucson and Casa Grande.  You can view our calendar of events here.

This club was started after my son (aka NinjaBirder) and I attended the Southeast Arizona Birding Festival in 2019. He noticed that there were not many other kids at the festival (including the family events that were offered), and was inspired to try to change that. Nerdy For Birdies was created in August 2019 and we held our first youth birdwalk in September. Since then birding has become a huge part of our everyday life. We have listened to lots of bird related lectures around Arizona, gone on many birdwalks, watched numerous videos/webinars and participated in several citizen science projects related to birds. We even started volunteering at Phoenix Audubon. We have also participated in the Christmas Bird Count (we actually started a circle for Phoenix which hasn't been counted since the early 1900s), Project FeederWatcher, the Great Backyard Bird Count, International Migratory Bird Day and the Birdathon in 2020. One day, he also hopes to have a part time business leading birdwalks! We are so excited to join the Birdathon again this year to help raise money for the Tucson Audubon Society, so that they can continue their important work and hopefully we will also get a few more people excited about birds along the way!

We will be leading a family oriented bird walk at Christopher Columbus Park in Tucson on April 25th at 9:30 am, RSVP here If we are still unable to gather in groups by then, Rowyn and will go at it alone and promise to update our donors about our birding adventure on April 25th. We will also let you know how many birds and what type of birds we see and in honor of Community Science Month which is also in April we will add our oberservations to eBird. If you prefer you can also make a pledge now and pay later...we love a challege!

Kathy and Rowyn Balman



  • Marcia Grand: $10/species and an extra $1,000 if you spot a roadrunner, an extra $50 for every owl species over 2, an extra $100 for every working nest (ie, bird on nest and/or eggs in nest), an extra $10 for every snake you ID, $100 for every hawk over 4, and $10 for every identifiable butterfly
ABOUT Birdathon 2021



Birds have a unique, special, and different meaning to each of us. So, too, is each of our connection with Tucson Audubon Society personal and distinct. During Birdathon, we combine the love of bird watching during spring migration with support for bird conservation.

Birdathoners are birders and social fundraisers, joining together to make a difference for the birds and habitats of Southeast Arizona. Birdathoners continue a tradition that has held strong for over 30 years! 

Each Birdathoner's personal network of supporters is what helps makes Birdathon possible. 

Birdathon donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Tucson Audubon Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Supporting a team by writing a check?

  • Make checks payable to: Tucson Audubon Society
  • Write the team name on memo line
  • Mail to: 
    Tucson Audubon Society
    300 E University Blvd #120
    Tucson, AZ 85705


Name Date Amount Comments
Marcia Grand 06/09/2021 $600.00  
Kathy Balman 05/08/2021 $50.00 Thanks for being my birding buddy.
Rachael Day 04/25/2021 $10.61  
Sierra McMartin 04/21/2021 $20.91  
Tawsha Trahan 04/18/2021 $30.00 Awesome work!
Kimberly L. Andrews 04/07/2021 $50.00  
Jill Newby 03/12/2021 $51.80  
  Total $813.32  
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