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Matt Griffiths - Wrenegades
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Hello Tucson Audubon supporters!

The Wrenegades are back for 2023!

MAY 7, 2023 is the day! We'll be sailing the avian seas in search of every bird in Southeast Arizona and are seeking a fun-filled day of high adventure. Of course, we'll hit the desert, riparian areas, grasslands, and the Sky Islands.

THE ROUTE: We're trying yet another new route, starting with owls and morning birds in the Madera Canyon area, then on to the Patagonia area and Willcox before ending on Mt. Lemmon. It will be EPIC!

CRAZY NEWS! I'm also taking a birding trip to North Carolina to find migrating east coast warblers! I'll add this adventure to my recap and feel free to challenge me to find east coast birds!

STAY TUNED for the big recap story at the end!

Thanks so much for supporting me in the past and in 2023. I really appreciate your generosity.

I do hope you can support Tucson Audubon and my team this year. Thank you!



  • Marcia Grand: $10/speices; $100 for a rattler; $150 for 3 species Tiny Owls; $100 for 3 species frogs; $150 for a Large Lizard like a Gila Monster, Desert Iguana, Chuckwalla, etc; $150 for any 3 – javelina, coyote, bobcat, racoon, jackrabbit, skunk, deer, coatimundi; $10 for each working nest; $150 for one saguaro with an active nest in it; $150 for any 5 hummingbirds; $250 for mountain lion.
  • Julie Gordon: $1/species
  • Marcee Sherrill: $1/species and an extra $5 for every Roadrunner you spot.
  • Cynthia & Howard Lawrence: $5 for each owl counted plus $225 for team.  Have a great day May 7 and in North Carolina for Matt
ABOUT Birdathon 2023



Birds have a unique, special, and different meaning to each of us. So, too, is each of our connection with Tucson Audubon Society personal and distinct. During Birdathon, we combine the love of bird watching during spring migration with support for bird conservation.

Birdathoners are birders and social fundraisers, joining together to make a difference for the birds and habitats of Southeast Arizona. Birdathoners continue a tradition that has held strong for over 30 years! 

Each Birdathoner's personal network of supporters is what helps makes Birdathon possible. 

Birdathon donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Tucson Audubon Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Supporting a team by writing a check?

  • Make checks payable to: Tucson Audubon Society
  • Write the team name on memo line
  • Mail to: 
    Tucson Audubon Society
    PO Box 91770
    Tucson, AZ 85752


Name Date Amount Comments
Marcia Grand 08/16/2023 $2,020.00  
Lynn C. Crew 05/18/2023 $50.00  
Katharine M. Olmstead 05/18/2023 $500.00  
Julia B. Gordon 05/14/2023 $155.00 This is for Wrenegades 155 species
Lynn Hassler 05/13/2023 $50.00  
Aurélien Piantanida 05/13/2023 $50.00 Great job wrenagades! Thank you for the report Matt ;)
Marcee Sherrill 05/12/2023 $155.00 Great job Matt and Team!
Cynthia E. Lawrence 05/12/2023 $309.56 Way to go, Wrenegades! Thanks for sharing the owl sights and sounds.
Susan Fizzell 05/11/2023 $51.85  
Keith A. Ashley 05/11/2023 $51.85  
Leslie Norman Corey 05/10/2023 $103.39 Congratulations on such a successful Birdathon. You all knocked it out of the park. Les and Bonnie Corey
Judith B. Ulreich 05/08/2023 $250.00  
Tiffany Yee 05/08/2023 $50.00 Matt: Have fun this year. I wish you & your team great success with your birding this season.
Josh Schachter 05/08/2023 $25.00  
Dan Weisz 05/07/2023 $20.00  
Elizabeth Lawrence 05/07/2023 $20.93  
Tricia Gerrodette 05/06/2023 $103.39  
Kathy R. Ben 05/06/2023 $36.00 Have a great time out there with your team - go wrenagades!????
Jerry Van Cleve 05/06/2023 $26.08  
Michael Bogan 05/05/2023 $103.39 What a trip you have planned for this weekend-- including many of my favorite places-- should be amazing!
Denise Griffiths 04/29/2023 $100.00  
Pete Y. Bengtson 04/27/2023 $125.00  
Karen S. Griffiths 04/25/2023 $75.00  
Tom H. Skinner 04/25/2023 $20.00  
Diane M. Griffiths 04/23/2023 $250.00  
Colleen Steinmann 04/21/2023 $51.85 Have fun Matt!!
Lawren Elliott Farber 04/20/2023 $200.00  
Lois Manowitz 04/20/2023 $103.39  
Stephen Gardner 04/20/2023 $103.39  
Jan Schachter 04/19/2023 $50.00  
James A. Gessaman 04/19/2023 $100.00 Best of Luck, Matt. I'll be birding Pt. Pelee and Magee March area in early to mid May.
John H. Hoffman 04/14/2023 $50.00  
Kathleen C. Fullin 04/01/2023 $30.00  
Deb L. Turski 03/30/2023 $103.39  
  Total $5,493.46  
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