The Kingbirders: Luke and Brock Safford
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The Kingbirders: Luke and Brock Safford
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This father/son duo will head out on Saturday, April 22nd or 29th (depending on weather!) to count as many birds as possible. Last year we ended up with 157 species and you can see a visual of our Big Day here on eBird. Our goal this year will be to best that number and we're working on creating a new itinerary. We also have a goal of raising $3,000 for Tucson Audubon and bird conservation and we're grateful for all of you who join us by donating. The Birdathon always coincides with Brock's birthday and this year he'll be 15, so to celebrate Brock's 15th birthday we are looking for 50 people to donate 0.15 cents/bird species and 15 people to donate $1.15/bird species to help us get to our goal. Or maybe someone would like to donate $15 for every owl species, $15 for every duck species, or something similar!

We'll be sure to keep you up-to-date on our Birdathon route and the species we see. Thank you!



  • Sandee Bailey: $0.25/species and an extra $5 for the first Elegant Trogon and for a sighting (not call) of an Elf Owl
  • Marcia Grand: $10/species; $100 for a rattler; $150 for 3 species Tiny Owls; $100 for 3 species frogs; $150 for a Large Lizard like a Gila Monster, Desert Iguana, Chuckwalla, etc; $150 for any 3 – javelina, coyote, bobcat, racoon, jackrabbit, skunk, deer, coatimundi; $10 for each working nest; $150 for one saguaro with an active nest in it; $150 for any 5 hummingbirds; $250 for mountain lion.
  • Naomi & Kevin Greene: $0.75/species.  Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your photos.
  • Kathleen Heitzmann: $0.50/species
  • Rick Clarke: $1/species and  $10 for any creature whose name is used by a baseball team - Oriole, Diamondback, Cardinal, Cub etc
  • Jolene Safford: $0.50/species and  $50 for a coatimundi. Have fun!
  • Starr & Rick Stevens:  $100 plus $10 for each oriole species and $10 for each quail species. Go for it!
  • Mike Unger: $0.15/species and  $1 for every Crissal Thrasher observed.  Good luck Luke and Brock from Oregon!
  • Eileen Buckel: $50
  • Jim Hoagland: $50 if you beat last years 157 count. Go get'em Luke and Brock!!
  • Kris & Monte Del Monte: $1.15/species and $10.00 for spotting (not hearing) an Elegant Trogan, $10.00 for finding 5 hawk species.  Good luck to Brock and Luke! Hope you beat your count from last year. Happy Bday Brock!
  • Paul Suchanek: $0.50/species
  • Terri & Rob Safford: $1.15/species and $ 2.15 for each bird that has a name of a Major League Baseball Team in it - like Jays, Cardinals, Orioles or Brewers.
  • Brian Hook: $0.50/species
  • Shari Montgomery: I'm pledging $1/species plus $10 for each Bobcat, each Coyote, each Bighorn Sheep, each Mule Deer, each Western Screech Owl, each Kestrel, each Great Horned Owl
  • Linda & Jerry Elling: $0.50/species and $1 for every rare bird. Good luck and have fun!
  • Nancy Naeser: $0.15/specis plus $5 for each hummingbird species. Good luck!!
  • Kathleen Little: $0.75/species
  • Clague Van Slyke: $0.15/species and  an extra $1 for the combined number of hours you are awake and birding. Have a great day making memories.
  • Lyn Loveless: $1.15/species and  an extra $5 for each wren species found.  I hope you have a GREAT time!
  • Karin & Fred Yen:  $4 for every Falcon, Buteo, Quail, Woodpecker/Sapsucker and Hummingbird Species. An extra $15 for 5 Falcon Species, an extra $15 for 5 Buteo Species and an extra $15 for seeing (not hearing) a Montezuma Quail.  Have Fun & Good Luck!!
  • Dawn & Bret Bellevue: $1.15/species and  $15 extra if you see an Elegant Trogon.  Good Luck and Happy 15th Birthday Brock!
  • Eric Scheuering: $0.15/species and  $15 if you see Montezuma Quail!  Hope it's a great day!
  • Michael Glasson: $0.15/species and  $10 for a burrowing owl
  • Lisa & Paul Williams: $0.50/species. Just have a great day and we hope that you see more species this time than last year!
ABOUT Birdathon 2023



Birds have a unique, special, and different meaning to each of us. So, too, is each of our connection with Tucson Audubon Society personal and distinct. During Birdathon, we combine the love of bird watching during spring migration with support for bird conservation.

Birdathoners are birders and social fundraisers, joining together to make a difference for the birds and habitats of Southeast Arizona. Birdathoners continue a tradition that has held strong for over 30 years! 

Each Birdathoner's personal network of supporters is what helps makes Birdathon possible. 

Birdathon donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Tucson Audubon Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Supporting a team by writing a check?

  • Make checks payable to: Tucson Audubon Society
  • Write the team name on memo line
  • Mail to: 
    Tucson Audubon Society
    PO Box 91770
    Tucson, AZ 85752


Name Date Amount Comments
Marcia Grand 08/16/2023 $2,020.00  
Rick Applegate 06/30/2023 $100.00  
Rick P. Clarke 06/18/2023 $250.00 Luke Safford and the Kingbirders
Eileen Rae Buckel 06/08/2023 $50.00  
Marilyn Loveless 06/03/2023 $195.96  
Monte A. Del Monte 06/01/2023 $200.00 Congrats to you and Brock for a great day for birds and the TAS!
Brian Hook 06/01/2023 $76.00  
Mike M. Glasson 06/01/2023 $36.39 Great job Luke. Thanks for letting me a part of it
Linda Elling 06/01/2023 $81.00  
Shari Montgomery 05/28/2023 $208.54  
Teresa Rae Safford 05/22/2023 $206.47 Kingbirders Birdathon pledge donation
Jolene Safford 05/21/2023 $130.19 Nice job Kingbirders!
Kathleen Ann Heitzmann 05/21/2023 $80.00 Thanks, Luke and Brock! Great Job!
Sandra Bailey 05/21/2023 $43.00  
Starr Stevens 05/21/2023 $154.93  
Naomi Velazquez Greene 05/13/2023 $117.82 Pledge of .$75 pet bird species spotted.
Mike A. Unger 05/09/2023 $42.18 Great job Luke and Brock. I hope Brock is feeling much better. I believe this amount is the correct amount based on my pledge. Let me know if it is incorrect. Mike
Judith B. Ulreich 05/08/2023 $250.00  
Dan Weisz 05/07/2023 $20.00  
Clague A. Van Slyke 05/07/2023 $129.16 Awesome job Luke and Brock. Your trip summaries were inspiring. I upped my donation to .50 a species and an extra $48 ( 24 x 2 ) because you were probably birding even when you were asleep.
Tricia Gerrodette 05/06/2023 $103.39  
Dawn Bellevue 05/06/2023 $23.81 Whoops, I forgot I put $1.15 per species. Here is the extra $22.80. I think I have our donation amount correct now.
Dawn Bellevue 05/06/2023 $172.46 Congratulations Kingbirders Luke and Brock! I loved the photo of the Elegant Trogon. Dawn
Kathleen Little 05/05/2023 $125.00 This is my pledge amount for the Kingbirders, Luke and Brock Safford, for this year's Birdathon. Despite Brock's not feeling well, you had a great sighting!!! Thanks for your adventurous spirits.
Michael Bogan 05/05/2023 $103.39 Looking forward to reading the full report from this year!
Eric Scheuering 05/05/2023 $26.08 Rounding up from my pledge of 0.15/species. Nice work, Luke and Brock!
Karin Yen 05/04/2023 $103.39 Congratulations on a Great day of birding!! So many amazing birds & some very cool mammals.
Paul Suchanek 05/03/2023 $76.00  
Lisa Williams 05/03/2023 $80.00 Good job guys! Sorry that Brock was under the weather, but you still came through and did a wonderful job. We hope that one year we can come down there and you'd allow us to join you for the Birdathon. :)
Kathryn M. Coot Anderson 04/26/2023 $50.00 Have fun!
Susan G. Behrendt 04/25/2023 $50.00  
Melissa Susan Loeschen 04/25/2023 $40.00  
Julie L. Furgason 04/15/2023 $26.08  
Tom R. Rehm 04/12/2023 $65.00  
Carol J. De Waard 04/09/2023 $77.62 Looking forward to your report of the day. Wishing great weather & lots of sightings, Carol de Waard
Jill S. Bland 04/09/2023 $26.08  
Melodee L. Thorwegen 04/08/2023 $103.39  
Linda Phelan 04/07/2023 $50.00  
Craig Thayer 04/06/2023 $100.00  
Deb L. Turski 03/30/2023 $206.47  
Molly Molloy 03/30/2023 $51.85  
  Total $6,051.65  
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